Credential Stuffing Explained: What is it? How to detect? How to prevent it?

The billions of login credentials available on the dark web make it easy for cybercriminals to steal login credentials. It has been widely reported that automated access data — the plug-in attack that has found its way onto the internet — is hitting systems such as credit cards, bank accounts, and credit card numbers.


What is the difference between credential stuffing, brute force attacks, and password spraying?

What Can Be Done? OWASP Credential Stuffing Prevention Cheat Sheet

Multi-Factor Authentication

Alternative Defenses

Secondary Passwords, PINs, and Security Questions


IP Block-listing

Device Fingerprinting

Require Unpredictable Usernames

Defense in Depth

Multi-Step Login Processes

Require JavaScript and Block Headless Browsers

Identifying Leaked Passwords

Notify Users About Unusual Security Events

Cybersecurity | Artificial Intelligence | Blockchain

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