Data Poisoning Attacks: The Silent Threat to AI Integrity

In the digital age, AI’s integrity is under covert assault by data poisoning attacks. This blog delves into the silent yet potent threat, exploring how these attacks work, their impacts, and the evolving battle to secure AI against such insidious tactics.

Ensar Seker
17 min readNov 3, 2023

Introduction to the Concept of Data Poisoning Attacks

In the burgeoning era of artificial intelligence (AI), data is the lifeblood that fuels the learning and decision-making capabilities of machine learning (ML) models. These models are trained on vast datasets, learning to make predictions or perform tasks by identifying patterns and correlations. However, the integrity of AI systems is under a subtle yet profound threat from a type of cyberattack known as data poisoning attacks. These attacks are insidious, often undetectable until the damage is done, and they target the core of AI learning processes: the training data.

Data poisoning is a technique where malicious actors inject corrupted, misleading, or otherwise tainted data into a machine learning model’s training set. The objective is to manipulate the model’s learning process, leading…